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Bamboozled by your AdWords agency ?

Are they doing a good job ?

Need an incognito check of your AdWords ?

  • Login access not required
  • AdWords must be active

Is your AdWords manager keeping up?

Every week Google introduces 4 new AdWords features. Some are tweaks, some are huge.

Does your AdWords account use these features? 

Do you even know what they are?

These are some of the awesome ones. Ask your AdWords manager about these. What are they? Are they in your account already?

  • Dynamic search ads
  • Remarketing for display
  • Remarketing for search ads
  • Google shopping
  • Ad extensions
  • The latest keyword matching techniques
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • AdWords scripts
  • Google Tag Manager

Top-end AdWords agencies charge too much. 

Low-end agencies don't charge enough

Is your account run by the person that you signed up with ? Or did a 'bait and switch' happen ?

Is your account run by the person that you talk to on the phone ? Or do they  just do customer service ?

Do you pay as a percentage of your Google spend ?

If you have a small number of services are you paying over £750 per month plus Google spend? London agencies often charge a minimum of £1000 per month.

You would pay a car mechanic or a plumber over £50 per hour. So if you want an experienced qualified AdWords consultant to work on your account for at least an hour per week, it's going to cost you a few hundred pounds a month. With all the tools at our disposal we can do a lot in a small amount of time, but you need to realise expertise and time are not low cost.

And then there are the cowboys

A good way to spot a cowboy is cold calling. Have you ever bought anything good from a cold call ? These people work from a script designed to sell to the uninformed or weak-minded. If this is you, I've got a bridge in London I'd like to sell you. 


We are Google partners - specialising in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Shopping.

On Page One was awarded the ‘Top Rated Company award’ by FreeIndex in January 2013. We’ve been specialising in Google AdWords since 2007.

Our aim is to give you the best AdWords service that you can afford, whatever your size or business model. We want to show you how to dramatically improve on your current method of managing AdWords, whether you are using another agency or managing it yourself.

Easy In Easy Out

No contractual tie-in. No notice period. Stay with us if you want to, not because you have to.

Full Transparency

Your AdWords account is always visible to you, and owned by you. No funny business.

Flat Charging

Not a % of spend. Unlike some agencies and Google, we have no incentive to spend more of your money. Our incentive is purely to keep you happy by increasing your sales and lowering your cost per sale.

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited keywords. Unlimited variations of keywords. Revealing keyword research from people that really understand how to do it.

Analysis & Reporting

Customised set-up of Google Analytics and conversion/goal tracking where applicable. Regular reporting and KPI updates are included.

Shopping & Video

We specialise in all kinds of AdWords ads, including Product Listing Ads (PLA) – Google Shopping ads for the Google Merchant Centre and AdSense

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking of incoming phonecalls back to AdWords searches and other marketing sources. Its all included in our service.

Optimised Landing Pages

Advice on the landing pages that the Google ads point to. We can also create new landing pages to your specifications.


in a wide variety of sectors including charities, travel, finance, property, recruitment, manufacturing, technology, retail, telecoms, leisure, catering, security, and surveillance.

"A great landing page with managed AdWords traffic will provide conversions at a controlled cost."


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The Specialist Google AdWords Agency

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