On Page One was awarded the ‘Top Rated Company award’ by FreeIndex in January 2013.

We’ve been specialising in Google AdWords for nearly 10 years. Much of our work is through other agencies as a whitelabel AdWords service, so they get the reviews rather than us – but we do have over 100 online reviews and testimonials – check them out!

We’re also qualified Google partners. Our AdWords consultants have certification for AdWords search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, and Google Analytics (including mobile app and AdMob analytics). We specialise in all kinds of AdWords ads, including Product Listing Ads (PLA) – Google Shopping ads for the Google Merchant Centre. We even run AdSense for some clients.


You need to be special – you need to stand out. There’s always a way … offer top quality, extra value, or a better guarantee. We can help with your benefit and value statements – and articulating your unique selling point (USP).

We can also tell you how much demand there is for your products and services, in the region you want to target.

Do you have time to manage your AdWords account effectively? Do you know what the pitfalls are?

Do you pay a web designer to manage your AdWords? Pay per click is not a web design activity.

Do you pay a large agency to manage your AdWords? Big does not mean best – but you can be confident that you’re paying way too much.

We regularly fix the many mistakes that non-specialists and junior staff in large agencies make. It’s a real eye-opener to see AdWords accounts built by some of the biggest London digital agencies. The website and blogging will make you think they are the best – but get a smaller specialist to do an AdWords audit and you’ll be shocked at the result. AdWords audits are usually free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. We specialise in auditing AdWords accounts created by large digital agencies, and we know we do a better job of managing AdWords accounts – for a quarter of the price!

Anonymous London AdWords agency cost: minimum of £1000 per month to manage your AdWords account plus Google’s pay per click fees.
On Page One AdWords agency cost: typically around £250 per month to manage your AdWords account plus Google’s pay per click fees.
Note that the first month costs more, but uniquely, we reduce monthly costs significantly once an account is established – subject to a review after 3 months.

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But why choose On Page One for AdWords Services? What makes us special?

  • We treat you like an equal – a small or medium business thinking big.
  • Straight talking. We don’t blind you with pseudo-science. We aren’t prima donnas about our art.
  • AdWords is our only service, it’s not a bolt-on to boost our income. Anyone can do AdWords, we can do it well.
  • We won’t tell you AdWords is a panacea. We won’t tell you it’s better than other approaches – unless your data proves it. AdWords may not suit your sector at the budget you have. Your website may not be suitable. Find out. Ask us.
  • Flat charging – not a % of spend. Unlike some agencies and Google, we have no incentive to spend more of your money. Our incentive is purely to keep you happy by increasing your sales and lowering your cost per sale.
  • Full transparency. Your AdWords account is always visible to you, and owned by you. No funny business.
  • Easy in. Easy out. No contractual tie-in. No notice period. Stay with us if you want to, not because you have to.
  • Revealing keyword research from people that really understand how to do it. No ‘selective’ interpretation of broad keyword research to justify misleading advice.
    We tell it like it is.
  • Unlimited keywords. Unlimited variations of keywords.
  • Direct prices. Reasonable prices.
    No need to pay City prices for online services.
  • Local knowledge. No offshore misunderstandings.
    No offshore ‘English’.
  • Tracking of incoming phonecalls back to AdWords searches and other marketing sources.
    No more guessing which parts of your marketing are working.
  • Exclusive focus on Google AdWords (and closely linked services like Google Analytics) – not a jack of all trades.
    Not diluted by other marketing techniques.
  • Team approach to AdWords Management – one point of contact, but multiple eyes and hands specialising in different aspects of your account.
  • No telephone sales. No sales pressure. No brainer.
  • Call us to discuss AdWords for your website on
    01279 702111 or 0203 322 2118.



Contact us now to make AdWords work for you.


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Adwords Management Services & Prices

We set up and actively manage your Adwords account with no minimum contract and no tie-in. Our AdWords services are described below. These include a customised set-up of Google Analytics and conversion/goal tracking where applicable. Monthly reports are included.

Typically a new customer may require landing page advice AND AdWords set-up AND AdWords management services. Landing pages that don’t have clear competitive advantages (reasons to buy from you) and a call-to-action will not be suitable for AdWords – we can help you fix that.

How much does AdWords management cost?

We manage AdWords accounts that spend between £10 and £1000 per day. As a minimum, you should budget £10 per day plus the cost of management (see below). Realistically, that means if you can’t spend £500 per month on this form of marketing, you will need to find an alternative – or you will have to do the AdWords management activity yourself. We can provide individual, group, and in-house training to help you with this.

We have introduced a new fee structure for 2014, typically resulting in lower monthly fees for month 4 onwards (subject to review).

30 Minute Consultation – FREE

Landing Page Improvement - Don’t pay for AdWords if your landing pages can’t sell. Detailed help including SEO from £47 per landing page. Competitor comparisons, and landing page workshop sessions also available. £Ask.

AdWords Mentoring and 1:1 AdWords Training – You know the basics but want to progress – from £147 pm

AdWords Management Single Page – for one-landing-page-only (often a home page) £157 pm + set-up fee.

Bronze AdWords Management – for a few products/services and low budget – from £197 pm + set-up fee.

Silver AdWords Management - several products/services and medium budget – from £247 pm + set-up fee.

Gold AdWords Management – many products/services and larger budget – from £297 pm + set-up fee.

AdWords Set-up – AdWords account set-up to bring hungry traffic to your website – from £247 for a small project to several hundred for a large project. AdWords Set-up is available as a 1-off service for self-management, or as a non-optional addition to one of the above AdWords Management packages. The set-up cost can be offset with a Google promo voucher for at least £75. We often have £150 vouchers too.

If you are an agency we can also design a bespoke AdWords Management package to fit your needs for reselling our services.

Other AdWords packages include:

  • Monitoring and Reporting Only – usually provided for other agencies that struggle with these tasks. LOW COST.
  • AdWords Account Refresh – for clients or agencies that have un-loved and under-maintained accounts that need updating as an occasional service.
  • Local Business AdWords – for clients that have services that are often searched for locally by location.
  • AdWords Consultant and Strategy Services.

» Language translation not included. We can work in foreign languages though, with appropriate support from the client.

No minimum contract – no tie-in.

Fish where the fish are.

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We don’t design websites, but we can tell you what to do to increase sales. Our services are based primarily on Google AdWords Management … but that includes advice on the landing pages that the Google ads point to.

Are your ads and landing pages compelling enough people to buy?  Do something about it – contact us now!

It is always possible to get your website on to the first page of Google search results. The easiest way (and usually expensive if you do-it-yourself) is to use Google’s Adwords. On Page One use a combination of Adwords and SEO techniques to significantly increase the chances of clicks through to your website. Adwords is an excellent source of market and customer information even if you are only interested in the organic or natural search results. In the hands of an experienced Adwords Professional it can be a tireless salesman – active 24x7x365.

Internet marketing and promotion

Please explore this website to find out more about SEO, web optimisation, key word analysis, pay-per-click (Adwords), link building, analytics and statistics, web design, branding, usability, and accessibility. But always remember that web content has two main audiences: the interested potential customer; and the search engines. An optimised website will cater for both audiences. If the jargon on these pages is too much for you then please refer to our SEO glossary.

Text and the power of keywords

We believe web designers make a website look good to people; we make websites look good to Google. We work closely with web designers and can recommend some fabulous ones that will suit your style. It’s not just about keywords … but they are key!

Web marketing strategy

Are people finding you through a web search? If your answer is “no” then we can help.

->Free rapid response SEO / Adwords advice from On Page One at the FreeIndex Business Advice Centre.

Click here to sign up for FreeIndex – it is beneficial for SEO and traffic, and members get free business advice too.

Estimates say that around 85% of all web searches are on Google and Google also provides results for many of the other search engines: so Google is where we focus. The remaining key search providers are Yahoo and Bing: we optimise for these as secondary targets. Optimising for Google achieves high ranking in the other search engines too.

Careful consideration must be given to not only your marketing message, but also to your site’s content and structure. Many companies spend a small fortune developing a great website that the major search engines simply ignore. If the search engines ignore you then a potential customer searching the web simply won’t find you.

Then there’s the annoying truth that most searchers only look on page one of the search results. If they can’t see what they want then they usually change the search rather than go to page 2. Whatever your personal behaviour is we’ll bet that you seldom look beyond page 2.

What Google does

Google is always crawling all over the world wide web, following the linked pages and deciding what pages are important for particular sets of keyword phrases. Google visits the more ‘important’ websites frequently; it decides if a website is important or not by evaluating how many others link to it, how relevant the textual content is, how long the site has been active, and how often the site is updated.

Google only looks at the text in your website. If you have a lot of images (still or moving) – or audio – you will need to supplement these with text. Importantly, note that text in an image will be ignored by Google. If you can select text on a web page with your cursor then Google will be able to read it, otherwise it will ignore it.

Broadly speaking you need to make your website look good to Google and then you need to encourage Google to visit often and rank your site highly (aiming to be on page one). That is true for all Google search results whether they are on Google Maps, the paid results (AdWords), or  in the organic/natural search results. For good organic search results you need other important and relevant sites on the web to point to your site. Don’t be tempted to get these links from questionable sources and from non-relevant non-important sites: they won’t help, and may actually harm your Google ranking.

What On Page One does

We review your website, your main competitors, and your existing AdWords account for free. We will make recommendations based on your budget. We focus on two questions:

  • How can your website be made more compelling?
  • What is the most cost effective way to bring ‘quality’ traffic to your site? Buyers, not grazers.

Our recommendations are not restricted to AdWords – though that is the main thing that we can help you with. If your site is more suited to SEO, or a social media approach, we’ll point you in the right direction. In truth, the best approach to search engine marketing (SEM) is a multi-faceted one – try different things and do more of what works for you. Test, test, test.

If you want your website to be found in Google, you need Google to be able to read it and recognise what it’s about. That means it needs to contain lots of keyword-rich text. Improving that is one aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO). In addition, ideally some of your site will be modified often: introducing more rich content, and changing existing content.

We can make SEO recommendations for your landing pages. We advise your web designer of changes that need to be made, or we can supply a web designer to make the changes if required. This stage may require additional text from you, to our specification. We will not ask you to write text with lots of keywords forced in; the text will be natural, rich and easy to read.

We may also devise a pay-per-click strategy (using Google’s Adwords) based on the keyword analysis. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive this can be.

In Google? Which page are you on?

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